Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Women Vitamins

Women Vitamins

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Women Vitamins: Beauty Within and Without

Sunshine has finally reappeared in Texas after a long, cold, wet and dreary winter. Thoughts turn to summer vacation, bathing suits, shorts, painted toenails and our various parts that have gotten pale and flabby over the winter. 

For some, it is almost painful to look in the mirror and take inventory but part of growing up is facing facts. Now, many of the problems are exaggerated by our own critical lenses. We see ourselves differently than others do. We are our own worst critics. We pick ourselves apart instead of looking at the whole total package. 

Our culture tries to compel us to consider the Hollywood and Vogue version of beauty as that for which we must aim...but the truth is: we can never achieve the airbrushed perfection of a picture. Then ask yourself, "Why do we even try?" 

Instead, let’s work towards being healthy, happy, content and grateful. Because with those attributes comes a certain glow of joy and contentment that is far superior to plastic perfection. True, radiate beauty comes because we know that we are beautiful, perfect, as the daughters and sons of the Creator. 

Not to say that we should just let ourselves go... No, our imperative is to remember we are to take care of this gift--our physical body.... 

Take time to walk in the morning and tone up those legs. Take time to laugh with friends; genuine humor adds years to your life. Take time to be grateful for the small things: a house that shelters you and gives you a home, a job that lets you pay your bills, feet that dance and carry you miles on your journey, hands that do your bidding without complaint, pretty flowers that grace your patio, birds that sing in thanks for their bird seed feeders....you get the picture.. 

Next time you are sitting at a stop light, take the moment and breathe in peace...you will feel it immediately affect your physical body and your emotional state. You can feel your connection with the Universe, and when you need that feeling, as you go through your day, just breathe it in again. 

Take a good multi womens vitamins....nurture and encourage your cells to replicate and do their jobs. Visualize health coursing through your veins to every cell, nerve and organ. Make sure you are getting quality protein, through whole foods and supplements like protein shakes

Sleep well, dream your dreams, be healthy, be blessed, Kersten
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