Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Women Vitamins- Coffee, Tea, and Me?

I am a life-long, dyed in the wool, coffee drinker, and I come from a long line of coffee drinkers.  I own at least 3 different kinds of coffee makers.  As with everything else, depending on the report or institution, coffee can be your worst enemy or your best friend.

Regardless of that, I believe there is nothing better in the morning than holding a steaming, aromatic cup of coffee between your hands.  The first sip is always the "Ahhhhhhhh" of my day.  I also lug a battered and beaten thermos of coffee to school.  The thermos was my Daddy's and bears the dents, scuffs and scars of years of hunting and fishing expeditions, tailgate coffee moments under the Dakota sky....

Be that as it may, I am resolving this New Year's to drink less coffee and start sipping tea.  (May none of my Norwegian ancestors hear that...no grave spinning, please!)

We have all heard about the healthful benefits of tea drinking...at first it seemed that green tea was more healthy, but many tests later, we understand that black tea offers the same results.

Both green and black teas contain a concentrated dose of catechins, substances that help blood vessels relax and protect your heart.

Over 40,500 Japanese (men and women) were studied and results indicate that those who drank 5 or more cups of green tea every day had the lowest risk of dying from heart disease and stroke. Additional studies indicate that tea and exercise can also help trim belly fat.

Now, you really need only 1 or 2 cups of tea daily to start doing your heart and your waist some good--just make sure it's a fresh brew and let your teabag brew long enough to get the catechins in the water.

Don't use cream or milk, as these eliminate the thea's protective effects on your cardiovascular system.  Go ahead and add lemon or honey...

This seems workable for me at school.  So my resolution shouldn't be too hard to maintain. 

One thing though...please note...pre-bottled, ready-to-drink teas don't offer the same health benefits.
"Once water is added to tea leaves, their catechins degrade within a few days," says Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, Tufts University, Professor of Nutrition Science and Policy.
Also, beverages in plastic containers are known cause health problems.  Two common plastics used for water and liquid containers are:
  1. Polyethelyne (#1 PET) Suspected human carcinogen
  2. Polycarbonate with Bisphenol A (#7) Scientists have linked very low doses of bisphenol A exposure to cancers, impaired immune function, early onset of puberty, obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity, among other problems
 There is one of the ironies of modern society....thinking you are choosing the healthiest...bottled green tea, all the while you may be unaware that the compound you are hoping for in the tea, left days after it was bottled, and the bottle can cause you further ill....

So dig out Dad's old thermos, brew your own tea.  Save a landfill, save yourself, save some moolah....and keep that New Year's Resolution in tact!

Eat healthy, take your vitamins for women, exercise and...

Be blessed, Kersten

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vitamins for Women: Spice Up Your Life- Spice Up Your Health

Taking a great multivitamin can really boost your immune system and help you maintain your daily health.  But sometimes we still get ill and don't feel good, and we need some natural help to restore us.

Certain simple plants have long been known to have curative, restorative, and balancing effects....thousands of years ago our ancestors used the bounty that nature provided to heal themselves, and new studies validate the efficacy of many common plants and the herbs and spices they provide. These herbs and spices can be found in every grocery aisle, health food store, and kitchen cupboard in America.

Spices are derived from the roots, bark, buds and fruit of plants. Herbs are usually taken from the leaves of various plants. The herbs and spices I will mention later are full of antioxidants (neutralize attacks made by free radicals against the body), anti-inflammatory elements, and many also contain phytonutrients, which may prevent the cancerous mutation of healthy cells.

Earlier this year, the University of Georgia provided research that finds anti-oxidant spices and herbs can block the formation of harmful compounds that are associated with aging and may also inhibit tissue damage cause by high levels of blood sugar.  Antioxidants in spices are extremely potent, so a little can go a long way.

Cardamom - has aromatic seeds containing an oil that helps to stimulate digestion and relieve flatulence and indigestion.

Cayenne- contains capsaicin, a substance which is also used as an active ingredient in many commercial pain medications, and also aids in digestion.

Celery seed- used to treat heart disease, high blood pressure and to reduce cholesterol.

Chamomile- often used as a tea for its mild sedative effects, soothes digestive ailments and reduces fever. It may be applied topically to soothe skin irritations and diaper rash.

Chili Powder- anti-inflammatory effect, which may help ease arthritic swelling and pain

Cinnamon – has health boosting compounds including eugenol, which is used to relieve pain and cinnamaldehyde which has sedative properties. It is also useful for improving the circulation and has anti-inflammatory and blood thinning properties. Research shows that it may also help to lower blood sugar levels and so may be useful in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, and half a teaspoon lowered blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels

Cloves - Clove oil is well known as a treatment for toothache, and its antiseptic properties make it an excellent mouthwash. The main ingredient in the oil is eugenol which is anti-inflammatory and can help ease the stiffness and pain associated with arthritis. It is a warming spice which can help reduce congestion and stimulate digestion, assist with diarrhea.  Cloves also act as a deterrent to free-radical damage to the body.

Cumin - a member of the carrot family and looks and smells like caraway seed.   It is a good source of iron and manganese and is thought to help digestion and bloating. 

Curry Powder- safeguards the brain and may fight Alzheimer's by thwarting development of the disease's signature amyloid brain plaques

Fennel - used widely to treat infant colic and gas. It is also a strong liver detoxifier and diuretic.

Fenugreek – alleviates symptoms of menopause--hot flashes, night sweats, etc. Used  to reduce cholesterol and relieve constipation. It has been discovered that fenugreek binds with cholesterol in the intestine and encourages its excretion from the body.

Garlic- improves the heart's health. Brigham Young University researchers found that garlic consumption can lower high blood pressure as well as lowering total cholesterol and triglyceride levels by an average of 10%.   Garlic is one of the best-known and widely used herbal medicines and is a strong weapon against infection and a natural antibiotic.

Ginger - contains antioxidants and it can help calm spasms and reduce flatulence in the digestive system. It is an excellent treatment for nausea associated with chemotherapy, travel sickness, pregnancy and hangovers.

Golden Seal-  a powerful detoxifier and is used to relieve sore throat, gum inflammation and yeast infections.

Licorice root- relieves menopausal symptoms and has been found to have as much effect as hormone replacement therapy in women.

Nutmeg-  a natural stimulant for the cardiovascular system.  Used  to relieve joint inflammation associated with gout. This spice should be used carefully since large doses can be toxic. It is not to be used by pregnant women or children as a herbal remedy.

Oregano- relieves various respiratory problems, may also relieve digestive upset and yeast infections.

Rosemary - calms the digestive system. Its oil is used to help relieve sore muscles and increase circulation when applied to the skin.

Saffron- instrumental in destroying the cancer cells that cause leukemia.

Sage- a remedy for colds, sore throat and other respiratory ailments, as well as urinary tract problems. It has been used to control some symptoms of diabetes.

Thyme- useful as an antiseptic agent when crushed and applied to clean cuts and abrasions. As a tea, it calms the stomach and can reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. Thyme may also be used as a treatment for colds.

Turmeric - Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds…researchers have discovered that it may help in the fight against cancer and HIV.  Studies show numerous benefits of turmeric., in fact curcuminoids may help to prevent Alzheimer's disease, ease joint inflammation, and fight some cancers.

Wasabi- prevents ulcers. A 2004 South Korean study suggests Japanese horseradish can kill ulcer-causing Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Plant chemicals may also prevent tooth decay

These are just a few of the many hundreds of herbs and spices know to help with your health issues.  Herbal remedies may be more beneficial to a health regime as there are fewer side effects than commercial drugs.  You should always consult with your physician or health care provider before beginning any new health treatment.

Herbal remedies come in all forms: pills, powders, and tinctures and can be found at most health food and supplement stores.  Powders and dried leaves are often made into teas while tinctures, the purest form, are usually a liquid/oil, obtained directly from the plant, and are measured by drops/doses added to water. 

Exercise, take your women vitamins, be mindful of your health, and be blessed, Kersten

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Gift of Yourself

Just a thought in these last moments of freinzed Christmas shopping.....

If you were asked to think back to the holidays you remembered as a child...would you remember the things you GOT or the things you DID?

Sometimes the most cherished gift we can give a child is the gift of time and focus. 

We remember the times we spent with our family and friends, the time we camped during  the wettest weekend of that particular summer.  We remember the awe of assisting with birth of a foal, or the joy of baking with our grandmas.....  Their gift to us was the experience and the learning that the situation afforded.  Sometimes things go wrong: it rains, we get lost, but later these will add to the embroidery of the tale and the memory.  You can't go wrong with the gift of yourself...

So, instead of giving a gift card, or a computer game, or a sweater....how about giving:
  • a gold fish in a bowl and a trip to the aquarium
  • a puzzle of a dinosaur and a day at the science museum
  • a weekend camp-out
  • a lesson in baking, sewing, fishing, kite flying
  • a camera and a visit to the zoo
The funny thing, about gifts like these, is that it becomes a gift to the giver as well as to the reciever....

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe, Be Blessed, Kersten

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Women Vitamins: Consider CoQ10 as You Age

New studies suggest that Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) may help reduce the risk of fatty liver in people with obesity.

CoQ10 is so important for your body’s daily functions that it is referred to as “ubiquinone” because it is 'ubiquitous' in the human body -- CoQ10 is actually used by every cell to produce energy, and is an integral part of helping cells take and convert fat and other substances into usable energy.

CoQ10 also helps protect your body from free radical damage. Free radicals are oxygen atoms deficient in electrons that become highly reactive. This in turn causes potential damage to your tissues and DNA.

Because of its powerful antioxidant protection, CoQ10 is often recommended for a wide variety of heart-related conditions, such as heart attack, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, which require extra protection from free radical damage.

CoQ10 has  been the subject of thousands of research studies, and in addition to the new finding that CoQ10 may help reduce the risk of fatty liver in people with obesity, CoQ10 may also:

  •        Help produce more energy for your cells
  •      Boost  heart health
  •      Act as an antioxidant to protect from free radicals
  •      Reduce the signs of normal aging
  •      Maintain blood pressure levels within normal range
  •      Provide a boost immune system
  •      Support nervous system

As You Get Older:
Your body requires the reduced form of CoQ10 (ubiquinol) to help you limit free radical production.  It becomes more and more difficult to produce the ubiquinol you need due to:

          Increased metabolic demands
          Oxidative stress
          Insufficient dietary Co Q10 intake
          Deficiency of factors required for bio-synthesis conversion
          Potential effects from illness and disease
          Age-related changes in your genes

Further, as you get older, your body levels of CoQ10 continue to diminish, making it even more difficult to maintain adequate levels. So please consider a supplemental dose of CoQ10.

CoQ10 is Essential if You Take Statin Drugs
Statin drugs used to lower cholesterol typically work by reducing an enzyme in your liver, which not only reduces the production of cholesterol, but it also reduces the production of CoQ10. When you lower the production of CoQ10, you increase your risk of a variety of different health problems.

Premature aging is one primary side effect of having too little CoQ10 because this essential vitamin recycles other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E.

 A deficiency of CoQ10 also accelerates DNA damage, and because CoQ10 is beneficial to heart health and muscle function, and  this depletion leads to fatigue, muscle weakness, soreness and eventually heart failure. Therefore, it is vital to supplement with CoQ10 if you’re taking a statin drug.

Overweight or Obese
If you need to lose weight, please take a multi-faceted approach and  start by reducing, (with the goal of eliminating), sugars and most grains from your diet.

Eating foods that are suitable for your nutritional type is also an important aspect of shedding excess pounds, as you will then give your body the specific and correct  fuel it needs to run optimally.Support your weight loss with CoQ10 and its ability to assist with the metabolizing of fat.

Regular exercise and addressing any emotional blocks are also essential.  Work with a knowledgeable, natural health care practitioner who can give you the support you need during your weight-loss process.

Be Blessed, Kersten  

This is not intended to be medical advice, and you should always consult with your health care provider before being any new course of dietary or supplemental regimes.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vitamins for Women: To Have and To Withhold....

I remember being introduced to the Greek notion of Pyrrhic victory at Peck Junior High, in Barrington, RI....Pyrrhus, king of Epirus  sustained heavy losses while defeating the Romans.  A Pyrrhic victory (pronounced /ˈpɪrɪk/) is a victory only incurred with devastating cost...which leads you to wonder if there was a victory at all.

Sometimes you read articles about science or politics or medicine that seem to have that same unfathomable quality about them.  What first SEEMS like a victory, upon further investigation, doesn't seem like such a victory after all.

Recently, an article ran through Reuter News announcing that the Harold Foster Foundation released data from a 310 patient, 52 week, double-blind, controlled, clinical trial demonstrating that a micronutrient, nutritional  supplement, delays the progression of AIDS in HIV-infected patients who are not receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART).

Since I am a #1 fan of nutritional supplements, specifically vitamins and minerals, I searched to find out more than the "teaser" news insert.

I found information that experiments, conducted in Africa, with HIV infected patients, did indeed provide positive information about the ability of nutritional supplements to ease and abate the progress of AIDS....based on the fact that when the subjects were taken off vitamin and mineral supplementation, their HIV/AIDS dramatically and rapidly re-progressed.

I thought, "Yes! another score for vitamins..." until I also reflected that this meant that those poor subjects no longer had vitamins to assist with their fight to live and get better....in order to prove the theory, the vitamins were withheld....and the patients worsened.

Does this strike you as somewhat callous or cavalier?  To give desperate people a moment of hope, a year of benefit, and then to take that smallest grain of comfort, away from them?  All in the name of science, some might say...I say, what about in the name of humanity, or compassion?

If vitamins and minerals, which cost only fractions of the expense of AIDS treatments, can assist with the quality of life or the extension of comfortable living, why don't all people have access to them?  And no where could I find evidence that the participants of this study were ever put on supplementation again.

Is there something wrong with this picture, or is it only me?

I'm still trying to reconcile my thoughts around this "victory" and I was only an accidental reader....
Be mindful, exercise, take your vitamins for women and be blessed, Kersten

1.Reuters, Oct 30, 09...Nutritional Supplements and HIV....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Women Vitamins: Gift to Self

We have entered the holiday season…and thoughts run 4 weeks ahead, to Christmas…and the question of gifts arise…what do we give to those we love and admire?

Perhaps we also need to ask, “What do I give myself?”   This viewpoint is considered taboo by many mainstream religions.  But ask yourself: what can I give to others, if I have not first given something to me?  Can an empty well give forth water?  Can an unlit candle give forth light?

I know that I have not been giving myself time in which to be more artistically creative, so I set aside time over Thanksgiving break to do some watercolor/collage pieces.  Fruits of Define is one of 4 pieces that emerged.

Perhaps this season you may want to give yourself the gift of goals, the gift of a plan to help yourself succeed.  These 7 steps can help you plan and attain your dream, whether it is to lose weight, be healthier, learn a new hobby, or start a business.

Step 1: Dream Big

This first step is the critical element for any success. Luck isn’t enough you have to dream big and follow your dream.
No Dream=No Direction=Failure.
Having a big dream gives you a reason to use your time and emotional energy efficiently. If a large dream and a small dream require the same efforts and procedures, why would you dream small?

Step 2: Have Clear Mission and Vision in Life

You must clearly define what your dream is and what it takes to accomplish it.  If you cannot express your vision to yourself, how can you share it with the world?  So sit down and focus your desire and ambition into a sentence or two….this is not an essay, it is a statement of your mission.

Step 3: Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

Goals are outcomes…measurable and quantifiable.  Your goal should be S.M.A.R.T (I heard a gifted motivational speaker use this anachronism)

  • Specific- focus on one goal at a time
  • Measurable- be exact, be scientific…this is not a vague moment, but something you can chart, or document
  • Attainable- your goal must be reachable, if you are starting a business, selling 2 million units the first year, may not be an attainable plan
  • Realistic- this doesn’t diminish your goal, it makes it workable (you cannot set the goal of being an astronaut if you are 80 years old and over weight)
  • Timely- set a goal that can be reached within a reasonable amount of time…10 year goals rarely work, (historically, check out the 10, 20, 30 year goals of the USSR)

Step 4 : Take Action

A goal without action will never come to life.  Every goal should have daily progress.  Plan to take at least one step towards your goal every day.

You achieved nothing unless you take action

Step 5: Be Consistent

Be faithful to your goal.  Once you start, continue daily.  The world changes from moment to moment, and we adapt to these changes, but to bring a dream to life requires commitment…and that is your consistency.

Step 6: Visualize Your Success

Never lose sight of your dream….keep the thought of it ever-present in your mind.  Continually remind yourself of the outcome of your success.  Every once in a while, visualize how you will be, where you will be, what you will be doing when your dream materializes.

Utilize your senses: clearly see , touch, feel and understand what your end results will be like. Sometimes you can even plan “backwards” and put the necessary pieces of the puzzle in place from this long-sighted view.
When you visualize the end results, your brain works harder to figure ways of helping you accomplish that goal, in a shorter period of time.

Step 7: Never Quit

No matter how hard you work, no matter how much time you spend, if you don’t completely believe in your goal and pursue it with complete dedication, it will be very hard for you to achieve your dream. Stay healthy, stay focused, stay on track.

Keep your dream alive and adjust your course of action in order to accomplish it.
My great uncle Leonard had a saying above his desk that said,
“Quitters never win, and winners never quit.”
Give yourself the gift of being a winner…
Be mindful of your body and health, take your vitamins for women, and be blessed, Kersten 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Health and Your Multi-vitamin

Women’s Health & Daily Vitamins
Are you interested in learning about the relationship between Women's Health and Daily Vitamins? Then  this article is what you are looking for,  as it will discuss the benefits of multivitamins and how they are a great way of taking care of yourself. Learn just how beneficial multivitamins can be!

Several recent medical studies support the fact that multivitamins have an important place in daily health care regimes, and Women Vitamins wants to introduce Basics A-Z Complete, a liquid multivitamin designed for active women who are seeking quality products to help ensure their health.
There are many benefits in taking Basics A-Z Complete liquid women vitamins as it supports your quest for an active and healthy life.
“Long-term regular consumption of a multivitamin may reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 16 per cent…”1
You want to be healthy, active, energetic, and ageless. Taking care of yourself is very important, although you may put yourself last as you deal with the daily stresses and obligations of family, careers, and the routines of 21st century life. You are on the go 24/7.

BUT, if you don't take care of yourself, how will you be able to care for others? Your health starts at a cellular level and that means you need to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to do its job.

Taking vitamins and minerals is a major step in taking care of yourself. Finding the correct blend of vitamins can be a daunting and frustrating task. Yet you know the value of doing this. You need a quality product that specifically promotes women's health and vitality and is available at an affordable price.... 
"...the cells of multivitamin users may have a younger biological age than cells from non-users.” 2

Several recent medical studies support the fact that multivitamins have an important place in daily health care regimes. Basics Vitamins A-Z Complete is a liquid multivitamin designed for active women that provides 100% RDA of 11 vitamins and 70 trace colloidal minerals while also utilizing cranberry pulp as a source for fiber and urinary tract health.

A liquid distribution of vitamins allows for quicker and more complete vitamin absorption. There are no fillers in a liquid, no slowly dissolving gels or capsules, no painful handful of pills to swallow, no wondering if your combinations of minerals and vitamins is complete. Basics A-Z Complete liquid multivitamins has every basic vitamin and mineral you need for your health.

Your health can be positively affected by taking daily multivitamins. Taking care of yourself is important. Having confidence in a product is important too.

Go ahead and try Basics A-Z Complete liquid vitamins as a trustworthy aide for cellular health in your quest for an active and healthy life.

Visit WomenVitamins to learn more and to order Basics A-Z Complete.

1American Journal of Epidemiology “Use of Supplements of Multivitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E in Relation to Mortality” Authors: G. Pocobelli, U. Peters, A.R. Kristal, E. White
2American Journal of Clinical Nutrition June 2009, Volume 89, Number 6,
"Multivitamin use and telomere length in women" Authors: Q. Xu, C.G. Parks, L.A. DeRoo, R.M. Cawthon, D.P. Sandler, H. Chen

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cut Your Weight...Cut Your Chances for Trouble

Many women carry a little extra weight around with them.  We hide it beneath blousy shirts, big tees, jackets and other layers.  We think an extra 10 pounds is something we can deal with later....20 pounds was a hard and long winter, 30 pounds is middle age creeping up and around on us....and 40 pounds must be from great grandma's side of the family.  By the time we have 50 or more pounds we have run out of excuses and just tough it out, "there's more of me to love!"

And there IS more and more of us to love.  A recent study by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research published a lengthy 537 page global study.  One of the disturbing findings compare the Body Mass Index of Women from the 1900's thru 2000.  Not surprisingly, they found that the BMI of women has dramatically increased.  In 1970, 23% of women had a BMI between 25-29.9 while 15% of all women had a BMI of 30+  In 2000, 27% of women had a BMI between 25-29.9 while 34% had a BMI of 30+.....

 So then I looked it up, and OBESITY has been more precisely defined by the National Institutes of Health (the NIH) as a BMI of 30 and above. (A BMI of 30 is about 30 pounds overweight.)  MedTerms.com 

I thought that you had to be something like 80 pounds overweight to be considered obesity.....

The American Institute for Cancer Research updated its data and determined that 100,500 cases of newly diagnosed cancer is attributed to obesity every year....

Facts on the obesity epidemic suggest that 33% of Americans are overweight/obese.   Therefore 1/3 of all Americans have an increased risks of having cancer, diabetes, and certain lukemias....due to their weight.

Anne McTiernan, Director of Research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, has been one of the first to specifically look at the effects increased physical activity and weight loss have on reducing the chance of getting cancer. 

Among her most important findings: overweight post-menopausal women who exercised for 45 minutes five days a week, whittled away unhealthy belly fat were able to lower their estrogen and testosterone levels, (these are the hormones that in excess can contribute to cancer).
Another study showed that exercise six days a week brought both men and women significant fat loss and a lowered risk of colon cancer in men.
  So, to lower your risk of cancer: lose weight, get physically active, take a good mutlivitamin, and eat healthier....cut your weight now and cut your chances for trouble later....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Best Vitamins for Women:Six Super Supplements....Go Team Go!

So you are taking a wonderful multivitamin, like Women Vitamins A-Z Complete, that is chock full of 100% of the recommended daily allowances of vitamins and trace minerals....but, you want to maintain or ramp up your healthy immune system.  Can you take your supplement regime one step higher? 

There are a few additions that could be worth your time and investment....

1.  Vitamin D...although the RDA is 400 IU's, the Office of Dietary Supplements/Institute of Health is now saying that intake up to 2000 IU's/day is okay.  Since Vitamin D is now thought to help prevent some cancers, promote heart health, positively affect MS, and aid with depression, the larger dose may be more accurate.  Keep in mind that after a day in the sun, your body  will make 10,000 IU's of Vitamin D all by itself.

2) CoQ 10, a ubiquitone enzyme,  is essential for tissues and organs to manufacture energy (the ATP molecule).   It also helps with heart muscle function, seems to affect cancer, and is a great anti-oxidant.  Recommended dosage ranges from 32-100 mg/day.  People taking statins need to be aware that statins deplet the CoQ 10 in your body, and may therefore require 300mgs/day.  (Consult your statin prescribing doctor.)

3) Omega 3 Oils (EPA-DHA) are anti inflammatory...they support brain and heart health, moods and cognitive processes.  Omega 3 Oils soften the cell membrane for ease of travel of  neuro-transmitters.  Recommended doses are: 1-3 g/day of fish oil or 1-2 tablespoons of flax oil.

4) Ginko Biloba is a great antioxidant that protests against free radicals that cause damage especially in the brain.  It also has been linked to improved circulation, aiding with fatigue and depression, is a great anti inflammatory, and slows down the deterioration that leads to dementia.  This flavanoid has a recommended dose of 120mg, twice daily. 

5) Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in the stomach and intestines, and help the gut with nutrient absorption.  Probiotics have been used to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and urinary and vaginal infections.

6)  Green Drinks include everything from green algae and chlorophyll, to wheat and barley grasses, green tea and green vegetable juices....green is the color of health....These drinks can detoxify, control appetite, and provide enzymes and nutrients...

Adding any or all of these supplements may assist you with continuing health, especially as we age or are under stressful conditions.  Look for quality products...and do your homework.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Golden leaves and Golden Memories

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  The weather cools down, and I can turn off the AC and open the windows at night.  There is an energy and a rebirth of vitality..in the way the animals play in the morning crispness, and in Texas there is the second blooming of the roses.

Although I truly enjoy living in Houston now, I can not help but miss this golden time up north..I always loved fall in Dakota, even though it can be the shortest season in history!  Some years there would only be a few precious weeks between the heat of summer and the first snow flakes of winter.  Once in a blue moon, we would actually have an Indian summer...warm weather returning for a while after a sudden first frost.

There was a tang and enthusiasm in the air....fallen leaves, the return of migrating Canadian Geese....even as the days shortened, requiring the donning of jackets, the resulting rosy cheeks from cooler breezes....and the lurking knowledge that winter at its fiercest and finest was only a few short weeks away.

There is a golden glow to my autumnal memories.  I remember the honking of the geese as the myriad V formations would spiral to land on the lakes and sloughs near my farm.  The satisfaction of harvesting the best apples in the county from the large, old, apple tree out front we lovingly called Grandma.. Fall was an interlude of time and space  from which we reorganized our lives and property to be ready for the onslaught of another brutal winter.  We walked fences, tended livestock, brought hay bales home and stocked the barns. We had pie socials, harvest festivals, and community get togethers.

We relished each golden day...knowing how long it would be until another such day would bless us.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Flu Over

I keep an eye on the news...especially as it pertains to the H1N1 "Swine" Flu.  I guess I remember stories told about my great uncle George who, after being a hot-air balloonist in World War 1, lost the love of his life to the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918.  He never recovered and died a bachelor, a taciturn, Dakota grain farmer.

In 1976, while in junior high, my family and I stood in a long line in Loveland, Colorado's high school to receive the Swine Flu vaccination for an epidemic that never occurred.  I do remember hearing stories of people who were later affected by the vaccine, not by the flu...and I anxiously and silently waited for similar side effects to hit me.  Luckily, my dramatic premonitions, like the expected epidemic, never came to fruition.

I, personally, will not have an H1N1 vaccination.  Did you notice that while Oprah's charismatic Dr Oz  took the vaccination on the show, he will not be giving it to his family?  There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions about the flu and the vaccine.....so I will do my best to remain healthy by consciously taking care of myself.

There are several simple precautions you can use to proactively help lessen your chances of getting the flu (of any sort) this season:

1) Wash your hands every time you think about it...and DO think about it!  Be especially careful to wash before meals, after coming home, after being around others....you get it...just keep washing! Wash your hands with soap and water after handling money, shopping carts, doorknobs, public bathrooms, etc.

2) Be careful to NOT touch your eyes, nose and lips when your hands are not clean.  These are easy entries for viruses to enter your system.  Like I tell my students at school: don't put that borrowed pencil in your mouth, don't share your chap stick or soda.... Stay away from people who are visibly sick. Don’t use other people’s pens, phones, and don’t shake hands!

3) Get plenty of rest...really...8 hours is so much better for your immune system than 5-6 hours.

4) Eat healthily--a whole foods diet; eat plenty of protein, get lots of antioxidants from colorful vegetables and fruits, avoid sugar and excessive caffeine

5) Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

6) Take a good multivitamin and extra Vitamin C, Zinc, A, D and fish oil (Omega-3)

7) Manage your stress with meditate, relaxation, having fun, and most importantly by listening  to your body.

I wish good health to you and yours....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Women Vitamins: Remembering Dakota

I spent 12 years on a farm in South Dakota raising my daughter....living close to the land and to nature in rural America was a conscious choice and a gift I wanted to give my child.  We lived about 5 miles out of a small town of 500 people.  The surrounding area was gorgeous; rolling hill country, sloughs and lakes, larger than life blue skies....wild animals and birds everywhere.  I taught school during the day.  The evenings and every other moment of 12 months of the year focused around the farm.  I had a commercial flock of 300 ewes, Arabian horses, ducks, some vagabond chickens, a Great Pyrennes dog, assorted cats, and a China gray goose that showed up one day and decided to stay.

The work was hard and constant....just because a fence was newly put up, did not mean it stayed up.  Unending rhythms of work are unbroken and continuous.  Fences always need repair, and barns alway require paint, fields need plowing, disking, and cultivating just as animals need feeding and tending, nursing and observation.  The cycle is  harmonious and comforting...demanding and redeeming. Snow starts to fall at Halloween and stays around until May....the frost line can go down to 8 or 9 feet depending on how long the Arctic fronts and their -30degree temperatures decide to stay.  It is not a land for the faint-hearted.

Dakota is still a land of pioneers.  Strong people, hard working, dedicated, good-natured, willing to share a joke or a lend a hand... There is a work ethic and a sense of responsibility drilled into them from childhood starting with simple chores of feeding cats and dogs and chickens....thru their adulthood and working with the seasons and with the forces of  nature and the vagary of God.  Farmers are the most optimistic of us all, sowing with hope, tilling and cultivating with expectation, and harvesting with thanks.....if the rains aren't too heavy, or too late, or too little, and the sun is not too hot, nor too infrequent...if the tornadoes don't hit and the wind storms don't strip the rows.....and if hail doesn't shred the plants.

I saw the end of a lot of small farmers...  They were unable to compete with large corporate farms...unaided by our own government which chose to subsidize Australian wool and sheep farmers over American sheep farmers.  Land prices rose, grain and meat prices fell.  Some left for the Cities, others held on with diminishing returns, some turned to politics, others borrowed to expand and hoped the bankers would be flexible.  Their children, my students scattered like seeds in the wind....and thank God for Facebook...we have all reconnected.

This week it was 90 degrees in Houston, and a friend sent a picture of the first snowfall in South Dakota this winter.  I miss the life in Dakota, the people, living with nature....but I do not miss the 6+ months of gray skies and snow....I keep them all in my prayers....every dog, child, fox, deer, coyote, pheasant, farmer and farmer's wife..cow, sheep, horse and pig....Bless them all.  Keep them strong.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Over Weight? Dealing Now or Later

A couple of studies caught my eye... these studies dealt with the increased chances of poor health and earlier than necessary death rates for over weight and obese women.  We should be concerned for ourselves and for our children's sakes.

Consider theses facts and then let's wake up and start taking care of ourselves and our children.

The U.S. National Institutes of Health and the Boston Obesity Nutrition Research Center funded a study that compared health thin women with overweight women..  They found that for every increase of 1 point in a woman's Body Mass Index (BMI), she has a 12% lessened chance of living to age 70 in good health when compared to women who were thin.

A British study, that was published earlier this year, found that women who had a 30-35 BMI  die about 3 years earlier than normal, while those who were considered morbidly obese with a BMI above 40, die approximately10 years earlier.  

So, you are over-weight and you are thinking about some form of bariatric surgery to assist with your weight loss....Ponder the following:

Things you may or may not know:
•    When you go thru bariatric surgery, you are pretty much altered for ever….your body is no longer the bio-entity it was prior to surgery
•    It can be expensive financially, emotionally, and mentally
•    It may seem like a “quick fix” but it’s not, it’s a life-long commitment
•    You will most likely suffer from transfer addictions
•    Food may taste different and your body may react to it in strange ways
•    You probably can’t hold your alcohol as well, if you drink, which you probably shouldn’t do anymore
•    You may end up unexpectedly pregnant (if you are female) your fertility runs amok

Bariatric surgery can lessen or resolve a lot of prior medical problems:
•    Heart issues improve
•    Diabetic Issues can sometimes be eliminated
•    Sleep Apnea conditions lessen
•    High Blood Pressure Issues are resolved
•    Risk of premature death  is reduced

You will most likely:
•    Need more surgeries to fix the problems of left over, sagging skin
•    Lose your hair
•    Be unable to efficiently assimilate the vitamins & minerals your body needs
•    Develop teeth issues
•    Have chronic muscle aches and cramps
•    Need protein assistance

There never is an easy, quick fix
....BUT you can:

1.    Take care of yourself…before you become over-weight or obese
2.    Exercise, move it, and lose it
3.    Eat sensibly….you can do portion control without the lap band….okay so you won’t dump, get nauseated, throw up, and otherwise experience stomach revolt, but you can watch what you eat.
4.    Deal with the emotions that trigger over eating….because emotions remain to haunt you with or without bariatric surgery. 
5.    Put some stock in yourself.  You are worthy of being taken care of by yourself….SO…take care of yourself!
6.    Invest in exercise activities, good wholesome foods, common sense multivitamins, efficient protein shakes supplements….
7.    And then forgive and forget those who have hurt you, caused you pain, given you reasons to doubt yourself….take a deep breath and step away from that old attitude and response.

Live those extra years that a healthy life style and healthy body weight can give you…

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Women Vitamins: Avoid Appetite Triggers

We are all trying to lose or control our weight.  Hunger can be triggered by emotions, actual physical need, or by hormone triggers including cortisol (stimulated by anxiety, fear, depression and stress).
It may be surprising to note that some of the foods we eat can also trigger hunger pangs.
Common hunger/food triggers include:

  • Diet Sodas
  • Sugar
  • Fruit Juices
  • Fast Foods
  • Refined Cereals (packaged or even instant oatmeal)
  • White Flour ( white bread, bagels, pasta, etc)
Other ways to  alleviate hunger for longer periods of time:

1.  Eat Protein... Protein whether found in eggs, almonds,  or in whey protein powder supplements, can abate hunger for extended periods.  It also promotes the healthy production of lean muscle mass.

2.  Chew on Fibrous Vegetables... Vegetables such as avacados, tomatoes, green beans, lima beans, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and spinach have high fiber indexes which makes you feel fuller--longer.

3. Take those Vitamins...  Bodily functions operate more efficiently with an correct intake of vitamins. Vitamins play a vital part in maintaining optimum health and weight, and many vitamins operate in concert. 

4. Don't forget to Exercise...  Exercise also alleviates hunger as it strengthens and stimulates the body.  Walking, biking, weight training, yoga all stimulate "feel good" hormones which takes the edge off of your hunger.

Keeping these things in mind can help establish healthier eating practices and ultimately help with weight management. You may be interested in learning more about Women Vitamins.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Women Vitamins...Liquid Vitamins: The Real Advantage

  Liquid Vitamins vs Pills
to pill or not to pill, that is the question
In your search for women vitamins, you are looking for the best source of vitamins for your health.  
It may surprise you that the easiest, most efficient, most efficacious, and most economical method of getting your multivitamin may be found in liquid form.

  • harder to digest and absorb
  • 10-20% of pill nutrients actually make it to the cellular level.
  • 80-90% are eliminated...gone...valuable nutrition vitamins flushed down the tube!
  • You spend $100 on vitamins....you get $15 rate of return

  • 98% absorption rate
  • easy to swallow
  • You spend $100 on nutrition vitamins...you get $98 rate of return
girl nutrition vitamins

10-20% absorption in pill/capsule form
0     20    40   60    80   100%
98% absorption in liquid dispersement

0     20    40   60    80   100%
Only 10-20% of nutrition vitamins and minerals in a pill form are absorbed by the body

compared to 98% for nutritional drinks and sprays
Physician's Desk Reference, p.1542.


  • Consider children, bariatric patients, and the elderly who need to swallow large numbers of vitamin and supplement tablets and capsules in order to maintain their health. 
  • It is difficult, frustrating, and often painful to swallow a handful of pills during the day. 
  • Often this frustration leads to abandonment of nutrition vitamins regimes that are NECESSARY for total health and healthful aging.
  • One ounce daily in a pleasant, cranberry based formula delivers 11 vitamins and 70 trace minerals
  • Easy to measure, easy to swallow


  • Vitamins and Supplements need to be combined for highest efficiency
  • certain balanced proportions are required for effectiveness 
  • Vitamin E requires Zinc...and in turn...Zinc requires Vitamin C and copper.  Vitamin D requires Calcium.

  • A liquid is pre-blended for maximum efficiency
  • The logic and formulation are already done for you. 
No guessing, no fussing...it is all there: the vitamins for women you need in an easy, friendly, liquid, designer formula created for women. 

For more information and data on liquid vitamins visit WomenVitamins.net.