Thursday, September 17, 2009

Women Vitamins: Avoid Appetite Triggers

We are all trying to lose or control our weight.  Hunger can be triggered by emotions, actual physical need, or by hormone triggers including cortisol (stimulated by anxiety, fear, depression and stress).
It may be surprising to note that some of the foods we eat can also trigger hunger pangs.
Common hunger/food triggers include:

  • Diet Sodas
  • Sugar
  • Fruit Juices
  • Fast Foods
  • Refined Cereals (packaged or even instant oatmeal)
  • White Flour ( white bread, bagels, pasta, etc)
Other ways to  alleviate hunger for longer periods of time:

1.  Eat Protein... Protein whether found in eggs, almonds,  or in whey protein powder supplements, can abate hunger for extended periods.  It also promotes the healthy production of lean muscle mass.

2.  Chew on Fibrous Vegetables... Vegetables such as avacados, tomatoes, green beans, lima beans, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and spinach have high fiber indexes which makes you feel fuller--longer.

3. Take those Vitamins...  Bodily functions operate more efficiently with an correct intake of vitamins. Vitamins play a vital part in maintaining optimum health and weight, and many vitamins operate in concert. 

4. Don't forget to Exercise...  Exercise also alleviates hunger as it strengthens and stimulates the body.  Walking, biking, weight training, yoga all stimulate "feel good" hormones which takes the edge off of your hunger.

Keeping these things in mind can help establish healthier eating practices and ultimately help with weight management. You may be interested in learning more about Women Vitamins.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Women Vitamins...Liquid Vitamins: The Real Advantage

  Liquid Vitamins vs Pills
to pill or not to pill, that is the question
In your search for women vitamins, you are looking for the best source of vitamins for your health.  
It may surprise you that the easiest, most efficient, most efficacious, and most economical method of getting your multivitamin may be found in liquid form.

  • harder to digest and absorb
  • 10-20% of pill nutrients actually make it to the cellular level.
  • 80-90% are eliminated...gone...valuable nutrition vitamins flushed down the tube!
  • You spend $100 on get $15 rate of return

  • 98% absorption rate
  • easy to swallow
  • You spend $100 on nutrition get $98 rate of return
girl nutrition vitamins

10-20% absorption in pill/capsule form
0     20    40   60    80   100%
98% absorption in liquid dispersement

0     20    40   60    80   100%
Only 10-20% of nutrition vitamins and minerals in a pill form are absorbed by the body

compared to 98% for nutritional drinks and sprays
Physician's Desk Reference, p.1542.


  • Consider children, bariatric patients, and the elderly who need to swallow large numbers of vitamin and supplement tablets and capsules in order to maintain their health. 
  • It is difficult, frustrating, and often painful to swallow a handful of pills during the day. 
  • Often this frustration leads to abandonment of nutrition vitamins regimes that are NECESSARY for total health and healthful aging.
  • One ounce daily in a pleasant, cranberry based formula delivers 11 vitamins and 70 trace minerals
  • Easy to measure, easy to swallow


  • Vitamins and Supplements need to be combined for highest efficiency
  • certain balanced proportions are required for effectiveness 
  • Vitamin E requires Zinc...and in turn...Zinc requires Vitamin C and copper.  Vitamin D requires Calcium.

  • A liquid is pre-blended for maximum efficiency
  • The logic and formulation are already done for you. 
No guessing, no is all there: the vitamins for women you need in an easy, friendly, liquid, designer formula created for women. 

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